Every one of us—at one time or another in our lives—has experienced what it feels like to be searching. Searching for a reason. Searching for an answer. For Barry and Becky Switzer, their search began in 1995, when 168 people died in the horrific bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. They saw the loss of life, the suffering, and the pain on that terrible day. And like all of us, they asked, Why?

There can never be a satisfactory answer to that question. Ask all those Oklahomans who’s lives have been touched, not only by the tragedy of the federal building, but also by the natural disasters in their home state. And the fact is, that suffering is likely to continue. How can we stop it? Can we at least make a difference? What can we do to lessen that suffering. Ease that pain. Maybe even reduce the loss of life. And that, as the words to the song go, is when Barry and Becky found their reason. The moment they created Ground Zero K9 Emergency Training Center.

Imagined through the eyes of one of their elite search-and-rescue dogs, this song was created especially for Ground Zero. We hope the lyrics will come to mean as much to you as they do to Ground Zero.

Lyrics: Jim Starr & Timothy Allen
Music: Timothy Allen
Performed by: Timothy Allen
Produced by: Les Kerr
Videography: Rick Hublein